13 October 2010, AEGOS Stakeholders Workshop, Accra (Ghana)
ACCRA 2010 1  
The objective of the AEGOS Stakeholders Meeting was to present new findings of georesources in Ghana to stakeholders. The AEGOS (African-European Georesources Observation System) project aims at setting-up the preparatory phase for the building of an information system containing and making accessible data and knowledge on African geological resources including mineral resources, raw material, groundwater and energy (georesources).

Mr Solomon Anum, from the Geological Survey Department of Ghana presented the preliminary results of the prediction of gold mineralisations in NW Ghana using artificial neural network and GIS technology with advangeo®.

Here you can review the presentation.

ACCRA 2010 2  
Small scale mining in Ghana: Exploration targeting will contribute
considerably towards the success of the mining operations.