advangeo® Software Solutions
The advangeo® product family incorporates the experience of many years of geo-scientific and geoeconomic software development. The following advangeo® products are available: 

advangeo® Prediction Software is an innovative data mining software using artificial intelligence for the prediction of spatial events/phenomena, incl. exploration targeting & geohazard prediction.

advangeo® 3D Prediction Software enables to create artificial neural networks based predictive models with 3D voxets for 3D exploration targeting & geohazard prediction.

advangeo® Field Cap is designed for field data capture using mobile devises and communication with a centralised server database.

advangeo® Geodata Database is a GIS and database system for storage, management and distribution of a wide variety of mining, cadastral, geological and spatial data.

advangeo® 3D Database is a raster based system for storage of big 3D data volumes in a product neutral database.

advangeo® GIS is a customised GIS application linked to the other advangeo® products for visualisation of spatial data using either Esri ArcGIS or SharpMap.

advangeo® Online is a web based user interface for both spatial and table data.

advangeo® eCommerce is a web-based sales portal for any kind of geoscientific datasets. It is linked with advangeo® Online.

Further information can be found here:
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The development of advangeo® Prediction Software was co-financed by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Germany. Funding licence plate: IW072061