References: Customized information systems with advangeo®
2014-2015 Kosovo Re-implementation of the information system Geodatabase Kosovo of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals (Kosovo): mineral licenses, minerals, bore holes, geology, geophysics, geochemistry, archive, library, GIS.
Client: Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals
2014-2015 Rwanda Consulting services to carry out details surveys of mineral potential areas in Rwanda: field work, data processing, mineral potential mapping, reporting, training.
Client: Rwanda Natural Resources Authority
2014-2015 Mongolia Implementation of the information system "Geodatabase Erdenet" at Erdenet Mining Corporation:
system design, implementation, data import (geological maps, geochemical maps, geophysical maps, bore hole data, library, archive), training.

Client: Erdenet Mining Corporation LLC
2013-2015 Tanzania Consulting services for preparation of geoscientific data-information management system of Tanzania:
incl. digitisation of the archive, mineral occurrence database, 60 Quarter Degree Sheets of the Geological Map of Tanzania, training.
Implementation of the web site
Client: Ministry of Energy and Minerals of Tanzania
2010-2012 Namibia Re-implementation and further development of Earth Data Namibia Database with new technologies. The system is hosting the following data: reports and documents, mineral deposits, geological legends and maps bore hole data, geochemical data, mines, smelters, dumps, mineral concessions, environmental data. Selected data is published on the web site of the Geological Survey of Namibia.
Client: Geological Survey of Namibia

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