advangeo® Erosion extension available
15th April 2011. advangeo®

Beak Consultants GmbH announces the release of the beta version of the erosion modelling extension of its artificial neural network based prediction software advangeo®.

advangeo® Erosion analyses a wide variety of spatial data in order to predict erosion caused geohazards such as landslides, rock falls, erosion channels/gullies, soil erosion/creeping and others. The new software components help to calculate various derivates of grid data (e.g. slope direction, concavity, and flow accumulation) and to calculate automatically the relationship between relevant grid data sets (e.g. schistosity of rocks vs. slope inclination/direction of the elevation model). Soil composition grids are also calculated automatically by using soil vector data sets. advangeo® Erosion guides the user through all steps of data preparation, data processing and model calibration/application by proposing semiautomatic procedures.

The new module utilises the results of 2 years of working experience in predicting erosion-induced geohazards.

With this development, Beak has released a software module that makes advangeo® much more user-friendly towards geohazard predictions. It helps to save time and money for data pre-processing, preparation and model calibration.