Beak exhibits at MiningForum 2024

Beak exhibits at MiningForum 2024 and presents digital tools for mineral exploration from the “EIS – Exploration Information System”
6th – 7th June 2024, Berlin (Germany)


The “MiningForum 2024” takes place in Berlin (Germany) at the Estrel Hotel from 6th until 7th June 2024. The MiningForum is Germany’s number one international networking conference for the mining and raw materials sector, bringing together the industry’s top decision makers, experts and specialists every two years to discuss topics related to mining and associated fields, such as tunneling and geophysics. Beak is exhibiting during both days in co-operation with the EIS project. You will find us at booth number 14.

The “Exploration Information System” (EIS) project, funded by the European Union (EU) Horizon Europe research and innovation-funding programme, aims to discover new sources of critical primary raw materials within the EU. The EIS project promotes a hybrid approach that utilizes mineral systems modelling as the foundation for mineral prospectivity modelling. A crucial component of the EIS is a library of geological fingerprints representing diverse types of mineral systems. These fingerprints are used to identify the most relevant mapable geoscientific features essential for successful prospectivity analysis. The project focuses on three mineral systems as case studies: cobalt minerals in volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) systems, lithium-tin-tantalum-tungsten minerals in granite/pegmatite-related systems, and rare earths-cobalt minerals in iron oxide copper-gold (IOCG) systems. Selected mineral deposits within the partner countries of the EU serve as study or test sites, and reference sites in South Africa and Brazil, specifically the Li-bearing pegmatite in the Orange River Pegmatite Belt and the Carajás IOCG province, provide additional insights. More information about EIS can be found here.

Figure 1: Workflow for finding new deposits of critical raw materials with EIS Toolkit and EIS Wizard

On 7th June 2024 at 11:40 AM CEST, Andreas Knobloch from Beak is presenting “EIS: Exploration Information System – Linking of mineral systems and mineral prospectivity mapping” during the session “Exploration” in Room B.

The presentation will showcase the newly developed “EIS Toolkit”, which includes among others pre-processing tools and validation tools, but also new data analysis methods by incorporating artificial intelligence with machine learning and deep learning. In addition, it will be highlighted how geo-models and mineral systems modelling is being integrated into mineral prospectivity mapping. Finally, the first beta release of the open source “EIS QGIS Plugin” consist of a collection of software tools for semi-automated exploration targeting in Quantum GIS. The software is available as free download here.

Figure 2: Schematic overview of integration of mineral systems approach and mineral predictive mapping in the Exploration Information System

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