Beak started development of the Saxon Dimension Stone Cadastre

20th March 2020, Freiberg (Germany)

At the end of January 2020, Beak Consultants GmbH was awarded with a project from the Saxon Mining Authority to develop the Saxon Dimension Stone Cadastre. Saxony's raw materials strategy views the update of the existing raw material databases as a basis for supporting the profitable mining of domestic raw materials by the commercial economic sector. An important aspect of the implementation of this project is the creation of a natural stone cadastre for Saxony: "The register should serve to secure newly collected geoscientific / raw material-related data for Saxon natural dimension stones and their deposits and to make them available in Saxony's geo-data infrastructure." (Extract from Terms of Reference). As a further goal of the work, the Mining Authority strives to avoid unnecessary transport by increasing the use of Saxon natural stones. This is intended to show the public the importance of domestic mineral resources and to promote the use of typical Saxon dimension stones.

In the frame of the project, Beak is the overall project leader and responsible for obtaining samples from a total of 30 active and four historical quarries in the Free State of Saxony. In addition, the petro-physical and mineralogical investigations, which will be carried out by different partners, will be controlled by Beak. Finally, Beak is responsible for the compilation of the data, as well as the evaluation and presentation of the results.

Further information about the project can be found here:

Figure: Hilbersdorf porphyry tuff in the “Ratssteinbruch” quarry Chemnitz