Five years of bird monitoring accomplished for wind park Elsterheide (Saxony/Germany)
15th January 2012, Elsterheide

Beak Consultants GmbH has accompanied the approval procedure for the wind park Elsterheide in 2004/05. This site is located in the (lignite) post-mining landscape near Hoyerswerda. One of Beak’s studies concerned the mapping of breeding and migrating birds. The wind park (with 11 turbines) was connected to the grid in February 2006. From October 2006 to December 2011, breeding and migratory birds as well as bats were monitored by Beak in collaboration with Naturschutzinstitut Dresden and Naturschutzinstitut Freiberg. The results will be published in the ornithological journal „Actitis“ in 2012. This will be an up-to-date basis for the assessment of open landscape bird species in the vicinity of wind power plannings.

Contact person: Dr Frank Schmidt