Earth Data Namibia Software presented at the 34th IGC

An unique catalogue of Namibian geo-scientific data for society, business, and science


At the 34th International Geological Congress, Anne-Karen Nguno (Geological Survey of Namibia) presented the Earth Data Namibia (EDN) software in a paper „Cataloguing and Dissemination of Namibian National Geo-scientific Data“. EDN is managing a broad range of geo-scientific and geo-economic data at a national level, such as mineral deposits, bore holes, geochemistry, reports and documents, maps and drawings, environmental data, mineral tenements. The system is completed by a public web site that is going online shortly.

EDN was developed by Beak Consultants first in 2002/2004 and completely re-implemented in 2011 by use of the latest database and GIS technologies. EDN is a customised advangeo® software product.