5th Regional Conference Africa of the International Federation of Surveyors

8-11 March 2006. Accra (Ghana)

 Beak presented the state of the art in the development of nationwide Geodatabases on the following conference of the International Federation of Surveyors (Fédération Internationale des Géomètres).
  Technical Session 17: Mine Issues - Ecological and Environmental Issues
 Planing and Implementation of the Information Management System of Mining Sector Ghana (Mr B. N.A. Aryee, Mr R. K. Afenu, Mr P. Y. O. Amoako, Mr P. Awuah, Mr Dr. A. Barth, Mr A. Barth, Mr T. Berndt, Mr K. O. Boamah and Mr Dr. F. Schmidt (Ghana and Germany)
 Technical Seasion 22: e-Governance - Management of SDI
 National Collection, Recording and Provision of Geo-scientific Data: Examples from Namibia, South Africa, Germany Kosovo and Ghana - An Experience Report (Mr Dr. A. Barth)
 More informations you find on the Website 5th FIG Regional Conference Africa.
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