Beak participates “Innovationstag Mittelstand 2018”
Presentation of 3D Mineral Resource Prediction of the German Erzgebirge

7th June 2018, Berlin (Germany)

Together with the project partners of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Beak Consultants GmbH presents a three-dimensional mineral resource prediction model of the Erzgebirge at the “Innovationstag Mittelstand 2018”.
The geological model covers a space of approx. 34,000 km3, has an areal extend of approx. 62 x 155 km and a vertical extend of down to -3000 m. It was constructed using data from 6,700 boreholes, approximately 300 geological maps, 300 profile sections and extensive geophysical and geochemical legacy data. It currently contains information of more than 50 geological bodies and about 100 known mineral deposits.
Using the newly developed advangeo® 3D Prediction Software, the existing data was analysed using artificial neural networks. Subsequently, the model was used to calculate predictions for previously unknown deposits. The present results show that hidden mineral deposits can be expected in different parts of the Erzgebirge. New interesting results are expected within the next year through the integration of new geochemical data from the WISTAMERZ project.

Figure: Workflow for the compilation of 3D prediction models with advangeo®

The presented project is an important result of several R & D projects financed by the ZIM program of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) (3D advangeo: KF3236902KM3) and FONA of the Federal Ministry of Eduction and Research (BMBF) (GEM: 033R134C, WISTAMERZ: 033R133A).
We look forward to welcome you at our booth C30a during the “Innovationstag Mittelstand 2018” at AiF Projekt GmbH, Tschaikowskistr. 49 in Berlin.

Figure: Map with Location of Project Presentation Booths during the “Innovationstag Mittelstand 2018” by BMWi