Our most important resource is our highly skilled and team-oriented staff. Interdisciplinary cooperation between our team promotes the development of synergies, which are often a prerequisite for the success of our business.

Intercultural competence is a prerequisite for successful project work in other cultures. Our experience includes work in countries such as Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Central Africa, Cuba, Ghana, Yemen, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Mozambique, Mongolia, Namibia, Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda, Russian Federation, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, United Arab Emirates.

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Measurement systems and equipment

  • DELTA XRF handheld instrument
  • Scintillometer (gamma radiation), microscopes, stereoscopes,
    GPS and GSM radios, PDAs and navigation systems
  • Instruments for chemical and physical water parameters
  • Geological, pedological, sedimentological and hydrogeological specialist equipment such as pumps, mobile flow measurement system and weather station
  • DRÄGER sampling set for gas sampling
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IT equipment

  • advangeo® Software Solutions
  • Central data server with gigabit network
  • Modern PCs and notebooks, including peripherals such as
    high-resolution scanners (large format) and plotters
  • Development software such as Visual Studio, Drupal
  • Commercial Database, GIS, 2D/3D software and modelling software such as ORACLE, SQL Server, MS ACCESS, MySQL, ArcGIS and other ESRI Products, GEMCOM SURPAC, Visual MODFLOW, FEFLOW, BOWAM, HYDRUS1D, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Statgraphics Plus