Beak Consultants GmbH starts survey in four mineral potential areas
22nd February 2012, Kigali (Rwanda)
The Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) and Beak Consultants GmbH (Beak) have signed a contract to carry out geological studies and work in four mineral potential target areas in Rwanda. In conjunction with the Council for Geoscience (Geological Survey of the Republic of South Africa), Beak will carry out this extensive project to better evaluate the mineral wealth of Rwanda. With this project, the Rwandan government executes another big investment into the further successful development of Rwanda’s mining sector that can form an important trigger for economic development, employment generation and poverty reduction. Belonging to the few Tantalum producing countries of the world, Rwanda undertakes serious steps towards the further unlocking of this valuable treasure. Other targets are such minerals as tin, tungsten, niobium, lithium, gold and rare earths.

The one year research programme combines classic methods of geological prospection with modern methods of data interpretation. The prospectors already started their field work beginning of February. Currently, they are sampling selected streams in target areas near Musebeya and Muhanga. Work will continue in the other two target areas in eastern Rwanda near Nyagatare und Kirehe. In addition, soil and rock samples will be taken followed by geological mapping and ground geophysical measurements of promising targets. Finally, a comprehensive evaluation of geochemical, geological and geophysical data supported by Beak’s  software will help to generate drilling targets that will be offered to the national and international mining community for further exploration.

Training and transfer of knowledge to RNRA staff are considered to be important components of the project. Selected RNRA staff is integrated into the field and data interpretation work in order to enhance the technical capacity of the Geological Authority of the country.

Beak Consultants GmbH is working in the mineral, environmental, information management, and communication technology sectors. The project continues the traditionally close cooperation between Beak Consultants GmbH and partners from various African countries. Currently, Beak Consultants GmbH is engaged in geological projects in Namibia, Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, Morocco, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Senegal. The company is based in Freiberg, Germany, a traditional mining site, hosting the famous Freiberg Mining University, and being one of the important historical mining centres of the world.