Publications of Beak`s staff
Schmidt, F. (2014):
 Uganda – ein ornithologischer Reisebericht vom Äquator.
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 Übersicht zur Nutzung von in Sachsen.
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 Sedimentary Geology, v. 223, p. 15–34.
Kallmeier, E., Franz, M., Breitkreuz C. (2010):
 Provenance of Carboniferous to Jurassic sediments of the Central European Basin System (CEBS): preliminary implications from combined single grain and bulk analyses
 Extended Abstract on the 18 th International Sedimentological Congress 2010, Sedimentology at the Foot of the Andes, Mendoza (Argentina).
Kallmeier, E., Kiersnowski, H., Breitkreuz, C. (2009):
 Permian coarse-grained clastic sediments in the NE German Basin and Polish Basin: facies and controlling factors of alluvial fan
 Extended Abstract in the journal of the State Mining Institute of Saint Petersburg. International Forum-Competition of Young Researchers “Topical Issues of Subsoil Use”. Saint Petersburg (Russia).
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