22-24 September 2010, Forestry Conference, Göttingen (Germany)

The objective of the Conference “Forstwissenschaften: Grundlage nachhaltiger Waldbewirtschaftung” / “Forestry: The base for sustainable forest management”, organized by the University of Göttingen, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology was to present new findings of forest risk management, biodiversity and potential studies. For more information please refer to http://www.fowitagung2010.uni-goettingen.de/ .

Ms Silke Noack, from Beak Consultants GmbH , and Mr Lutz Otto, from Sachsenforst , presented preliminary results of the prediction of the pest infestation by Ips typographus L. using artificial neural network and GIS technology with advangeo®.

Here you can review the abstract and the poster .
FOWI 2010
Faculty of Geosciences and Geography, University of Göttingen